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If you are the victim of home energy, then the  services of Entities Among Us are here to assist .
If you sense one or more of the following :

- a sense foreboding upon entering your house
- have objects mysteriously disappear only to reappear 
  at a later time   
- clammy  skin  and goose bumps occurring  in certain rooms
- unexplainable changes in air temperatures
- unusual noises awake you during the night
- frightening dreams
- power outages or surges
- foul odours
- unusual behaviours in children/pets
- sudden bursts of anger and frustration
- a crushing heaviness on your chest while
  you are resting
- strong  burning smells
- hearing your name being called
- sensation of someone watching you
- unexplained ghosting on camera shots
- electrical appliances turning on and off
- seeing images out of your peripheral vision
- detect the presence of spirits or poltergeist activities
- unexplained marks appearing on your body
- vibrational home balancing

The expertise

... of Kim Pica, Spiritual Counselor and Advisor, and Catherine Bowman, Internationally Renowned New Age author of Entities Among Us, (Blue Dolphin Publications)  will remove these unseen forces and negative energies.